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Yoga Class Reviews

A very friendly relaxing yoga class. Verity is a great teacher and I enjoy each class,  especially the variety of different yoga moves that we do each week... March 2021

Verity's sessions give you complete relaxation.  Your body feels toned and yet energised! Definitely to be included in your week's busy schedule!... March 2021

Yoga practice  with Verity is rewarding, mindful and gently challenging- classes flow with the classic postures ending in a calming final relaxation. Verity has adapted the sessions seamlessly into Zoom during the lockdown, which has been a huge boost to my wellbeing in this last year....Feb 2021

Reflexology Reviews

Visiting Verity for my reflexology treatments is an absolute high point during my week. The friendly, relaxing atmosphere that always greets me helps me massively benefit from the treatment that Verity delivers in a calm and professional manner. Reflexology is one of the main ways of keeping a control over my chronic pain condition and Verity always makes sure that she targets any problems areas during each session, the result of which always makes a positive impact on my health. I would heartily recommend Verity for anyone who is wanting a reflexology treatment...Dec 2020

Reflexology treatment with Verity are calm and professional with great attention paid to areas which need extra care- I always come away feeling so much better than before! ...Dec 2020

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